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Our vision is to revolutionize the future gaming by creating a global community-led organization that allows creators and developers to empower true digital ownership for users.


Battle of Three Kingdoms

We are excited to unveil a teaser site for 'Battle of Three Kingdoms - Sangokushi Taisen,' a captivating blockchain game that harnesses artwork from 'Sangokushi Taisen,' developed under the esteemed license of SEGA Corporation.

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Shisansei million arthurs

Starting from April 20th, 2023 (Thursday), you can enjoy playing the game content "Seal Laboratory" on the NFT Digital Seal platform of "Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur." This game is a result of our collaborative development with Square Enix Co., Ltd.

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Oasys is a blockchain project focused on gaming. The uniquely developed architecture allows players to play the game fast, gas free, and stress free. double jump.tokyo has been involved in the Oasys project as a developer since its early stages of development, along with other industry leaders in gaming and blockchain technology.

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N suite

N Suite represents a cutting-edge Web3 business software (SaaS) equipped with wallet capabilities tailored for companies. It offers a comprehensive range of features designed to facilitate secure private key management, taking into account both security and internal controls essential for conducting business in the Web3 realm. Additionally, it boasts capabilities to seamlessly and securely transfer cryptographic assets, initiate NFT issuance, and execute smart contracts – all indispensable components for thriving in the Web3 business landscape.

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Brave Frontier Heroes is a blockchain game that introduces characters and items drawn from the immensely popular mobile game series, Brave Frontier (Brefro), known for amassing a staggering 38 million global downloads. Within this game, units and items are issued in the form of NFTs, meticulously managed through blockchain technology as player-owned assets. This empowers players to engage in buying and selling transactions among themselves.

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HOME verse

"HOME Verse" is a Verse platform developed and operated by double jump.tokyo, and it is certified by Oasys, a blockchain designed specifically for gaming. Users can enjoy playing a variety of blockchain games spanning a wide range of genres at high speed and without incurring gas costs. The platform is characterized by its concept-free nature and is designed to cater to both major game operators and indie game developers.

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From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu

"From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu" marks Tezuka Production's first official NFT project. This digital art NFT series extensively incorporates the abundant collection of manga manuscripts that were meticulously crafted by Osamu Tezuka during his lifetime.

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Official Captain Tsubasa NFT

The NFT Project originated from a scene in 'Captain Tsubasa' that conveys the message, "The power of soccer can bring world peace." People worldwide who have an affection for soccer and "Captain Tsubasa" united as teammates to initiate a grand project aimed at delivering original soccer balls to children around the globe.

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Oasys Passport

Oasys Passport is a mobile wallet app tailored for blockchain game beginners, aiming to enhance gameplay on the game-focused blockchain ‘Oasys’. For all game fans entering the world of Oasys, we will provide an optimal wallet designed for quick and user-friendly access.

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Hironobu Ueno


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Ryo Manzoku


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Yukinori Matsuya


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Tomonari Yoshida


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Hirofumi Aoki

Head of N Suite

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Tomi Brooks

Head of Business Development

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Yasuaki Sakamoto

Head of Game Development

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Gyoka Wu

VP of Ecosystem

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Hiroyuki Hanai

VP of Engineering


Hiroyuki KawamotoIndependent Director / gumi Inc. CEO
Makoto MotoyoshiAuditor / gumi Inc. CFO
Naohito TamayaFounder
Haiteng ChenAdvisor / ex-Huobi Japan CEO


So SaitoOutside Legal Counsel / So & Sato Law Offices Attorney-at-law (admitted in Japan and New York)
Masafumi MasudaOutside Legal Counsel / Attorney-at-law (admitted in Japan and New York)


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double jump.tokyo to Launch Teaser Site for Battle of Three Kingdoms - Sangokushi Taisen, an Exciting Blockchain Game utilizing SEGA’s Iconic IP Scheduled to Be Launched in Late 2023Detail
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double jump.tokyo has started development on a specialized wallet for Oasys called “Oasys Passport.”Detail
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Powerhouse Collaboration: double jump.tokyo Teams Up with AltLayer to Create a Thriving Gaming EcosystemDetail


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EstablishmentApril 3, 2018
Business descriptionDevelopment, operation and sales of games and digital assets using blockchain technology
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