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Hironao KunimitsuDirector / gumi Inc. Founder & chairman of board of directors
Kota OzawaDirector / Crypto Games Inc. CEO
Makoto MotoyoshiAuditor / gumi Inc. CFO
Yoshiki OkamotoAdvisor / Deluxe Games, Inc. Producer
Mai FujimotoAdvisor / gracone Inc. CEO
Kohei NakamuraAdvisor / TokenPocket Inc. Founder


A blockchain MMORPG "My Crypto Heroes" that can be played on a smartphone / PC. From the first day of the official service launch on November 30, 2018, it has been ranked No. 1 in the world in transaction volume, transaction volume and DAU as an Ethereum-based blockchain game. At the end of 2018, the industry's first TV commercial was aired. The world's No. 1 blockchain game that still maintains the top ranking.

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My Crypto Saga (MCS) is our latest blockchain game that allows players battle in PvP and GvG tournaments by using Kami. In MCS, players will be able to use their MCH Hero and Land NFTs and actively shape the game by creating custom Map NFTs, which serve as as battlefields.

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A development support program that provides a basic free of charge to users who participate in the program, such as blockchain game development companies and teams, by converting the system and know-how developed in the popular blockchain game "My Crypto Heroes" into a framework. By using the "MCH +" framework, a full-scale blockchain game can be developed in a short period of time, even without the know-how of developing a blockchain game.

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Number of blockchain game players The world's No.1 “My Crypto Heroes” team presents a long-awaited new work from all over the world. The world of the Brave Frontier app game, which boasts a total of 38 million downloads worldwide, merges with MCH proprietary system MCH+ that has changed the history of blockchain games.

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Press release
Released the β version of the 'Mirroring System', which supports multi-chain support for blockchain games, and started a demonstration experiment with the NFT exchange “miime”![Detail]
Press release
More freedom for the NFT! Four blockchain content-related companies collaborate to create a common specification, Oct-Pass, for the interuse of NFTs between different applications and blockchains.[Detail]
Press release
My Crypto Heroes Issues Governor's Token, 'MCH Coin'[Detail]
Press release
MCH+ Partner “CHOJO -CryptoGirlsArena-” released! [Detail]
Press release
We’re partnering with Torus Labs to develop an Ethereum wallet with social logins![Detail]
Press release
Launched “MCH+ADX”, a network for attracting customers between games to expand the blockchain game market.[Detail]
Message from Master.Nob (Hironobu Ueno)[Detail]
Blockchain Content Association announces “Blockchain Content Association Guideline“ version 1 (β)[Detail]
Blockchain Content Association announces establishment declaration[Detail]
Press release
BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES sets the highest initial sale![Detail]
Press release
MCH + Ecosystem Upgrade![Detail]
Press release
“Blockchain Gaming, Beyond Real”The new blockchain game, BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES, was officially released on January 30th.[Detail]
double won the Top Blockchain Games Companies 2020![Detail]
Press release
The world No.1 block chain game "My Crypto Heroes" collaborated with Tezuka Production! The famous Tezuka character will appear in the most advanced game![Detail]
Press release
Aerial Partners partners with double Introduced Gtax as a financial and management accounting system, and started cooperation in the development support program "MCH +".[Detail]


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Company Namedouble Inc.
Company Address4-34-7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
EstablishmentApril 3, 2018
Business descriptionDevelopment, operation and sales of games and assets using blockchain technology
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