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Hironobu ueno


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Ryo Manzoku


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Yukinori Matsuya


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Hirofumi Aoki

Executive Officer/ N Suite Project Producer

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Masako Ueda

Executive Officer/ Business Administration Dept. General Manager

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Shun Furuya

MCS producer

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Keisuke Enomoto

BFH producer

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asano nyaa

Project Manager

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Koji Takamiya


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Yasuhiko Mori


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Ryo Matsubara

Business Alliance

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Keita Shibuya


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Yosuke Tanaka

Lead front-end engineer

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Stephen Knall


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Nao Morikawa

Infrastructure Engineer


Hiroyuki KawamotoOutside Director / gumi Inc. CEO
Makoto MotoyoshiAuditor / gumi Inc. CFO
Naoto TamayaAdvisor / Founder
Hironao KunimitsuAdvisor / Financie, Inc. CEO / Thirdverse, Co., Ltd. CEO
Tomohito EbineAdvisor / Legend Partners Ltd. chairman of board of directors


MCH image

MCH logo

A blockchain MMORPG "My Crypto Heroes" that can be played on a smartphone / PC. From the first day of the official service launch on November 30, 2018, it has been ranked No. 1 in the world in transaction volume, transaction volume and DAU as an Ethereum-based blockchain game. At the end of 2018, the industry's first TV commercial was aired. The world's No. 1 blockchain game that still maintains the top ranking. Published by MCH Co., Ltd.

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BFH logo

Number of blockchain game players The world's No.1 “My Crypto Heroes” team presents a long-awaited new work from all over the world. The world of the Brave Frontier app game, which boasts a total of 38 million downloads worldwide, merges with MCH proprietary system that has changed the history of blockchain games.

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My Crypto Saga

My Crypto Saga is a intensified real-time card game for 2 to 4 players. Use “Kami Cards“ and their special skills to organize a winning deck that'll beat your rivals! The Kami-Power (KP) you gain by winning battles will turn your Kami-Cards into “Shin-Cards“ with special abilities! Shin-Cards can be freely traded between users.

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NTF PLUS+ logo

Blockchain Gaming Solutions

double offers a program to help game developers to build blockchain games. In addition to providing developers with the network, knowledge, resources, and support, we also provide APIs for smart contracts and various systems or solutions necessary for developing and marketing blockchain games.

NFT Enterprise Solutions

We provide a one-stop solution for businesses that want to create their version of collectible NFTs. Our service includes formulating a strategy, product design, UI/UX design, technology consultation, product development, and legal/tax advice.

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NSuite logo

N-Suite is an NFT management software (SaaS) for enterprises that eliminates the complexity of minting, managing, and tracking sales of NFTs. The solution provides a toolkit for businesses, making minting digital assets into NFTs easy and scalable. Enterprises can also confidently secure and manage their private keys using its cloud solution and properly safeguarding their information.


Press release
Tezuka Production's first digital art NFT "Astro Boy" sold for 120 ETH !
Press release
The third NFT digital sticker "Property Million Arthur" is now available!
Press release
Digital Art NFT Project "Astro Boy" Supported by double, Inc.'s NFTPLUS Sells Out in Record TimeDetail
Press release
double jump tokyo announces partnership with COINJINJA for NFTPLUS game titles to participate on their rebranded NFT marketplace, “tofu NFT.”Detail
Press release
Tezuka Production’s official NFT project starts up. The first series of the project, "Astro Boy" goes up for sale and auction on December 1st. Detail
Press release
The second NFT digital sticker "Property Million Arthur" is now available! Also started selling and trading on NFT Marketplace.
Press release
Blockchain development support service "MCH +" will be merged into our "NFTPLUS" business service as one solution.Detail
Press release
Artist Michinori Chiba joins the NFT x Anime co-creation project "SAMURAI cryptos”Detail
Press release
NFT 1458 items sold out !Auction of art NFTs starts today at the high-profile NFT x anime co-creation project "SAMURAI cryptos"Detail
Press release
double and SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD's first NFT digital sticker have a release date!Detail


NFT Producer / Marketing

NFT business planning and marketing, project management

Back-end engineer

Backend development with Go / Rust

Engineering Internship

Web application development / analysis work


Company Namedouble Inc.
Company Address

HQ: 4-34-7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Global: 1390 Market St. Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94102

EstablishmentApril 3, 2018
Business descriptionDevelopment, operation and sales of games and digital assets using blockchain technology
Member OrganizationsJBA logo

Japan Blockchain Association

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